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Respect - Protect - Fulfill ("RPF") is a Belarusian independent non-governmental, non-profit human rights organisation based in Lithuania.

The name of the organisation translates as "Respect - Protect - Fulfill". It reflects the three levels of state compliance with international human rights treaty obligations.


We use international legal mechanisms in strategically important cases to restore human rights in Belarus and other countries so that everyone lives in a society where human rights are protected.


Globally, our work can be divided into 2 areas:

  1. Human Rights violated by Belarus. Our priority is the issues that Belarusian society considers controversial and those that have not yet been considered by international human rights bodies. Here we strategically litigate against Belarus before UN treaty bodies, as well as utilise other international mechanisms.
  2. Defence of the rights of "unprotected" migrants and migrants in the European Court of Human Rights and UN human rights treaty bodies. Here we refer to the external borders of the European Union and, first of all, to the increase in the number of forced migrants from Belarus, which started in the summer of 2021. We endeavour to bring forward the world in which the EU migration regime complies with states' legal human rights obligations for all groups of forced migrants equally, including non-violence and protection from arbitrary expulsion.

Our aim is to address structural injustices in these areas through individual cases. We achieve this primarily through strategic litigation before international human rights bodies.


Our team consists mainly of practicing lawyers, whose expertise and experience covers the whole area of our work, allowing us to creatively use international mechanisms to assert rights and even set precedents! We were forced to leave Belarus due to the campaign of harassment against civil society that started during the mass protests after the 2020 presidential elections.


What defines our work and approach: mutual respect, responsibility, openness, honesty, sensitivity, trust, love for what we do, transparency and accountability.


What we are convinced of, what we appeal to in our work and what we consider important to promote: human rights, non-discrimination, equality, feminism, eco-friendliness, safety and privacy of clients and colleagues.


If you think your situation fits our expertise, please fill in the form. We will review your case.

If you are a representative of an initiative with similar goals, we would be happy to discuss coordination/unification of our efforts.

If you are a representative of the media, please be informed that we are eager to share our expertise, and we consider  it our duty to promote human rights.

If you would like to support our work, you can do so here!

You can always email us at info@respectprotectfulfill.org.



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